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i500 Skin Selector
Use this application to load skins from this site onto your i500 Phone Wallpaper Screen! This application allows you to load several skins from this site, preview them, and choose the one you wish to make active on your phone. This application makes use of the unpublished Samsung Skin API, and does not use any type of 'system hacks', and won't affect the speed of your i500.

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Text Messenger 2.1.0 - New for 11/30/2005!
Have you ever wanted to send a text message (SMS) to someone -- and found your Palm device, or Samsung SmartPhone couldn't do it? Well, now you can. Text Messenger allows you to finally send text messages from your internet-connected (or vision enabled) PalmOS 3.5 or later device. Does not use any external proxies, communicates directly with the providers gateway. New features in version 2.0 include an address book lookup feature, and multiple carrier support.

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i500 Alarm Extension BETA
New! BETA Release Do you hate the quiet palm-os alarm on your i500? Now you don't have to put up with it! The i500 Alarm Extension is a X-Master extension that lets you use the i500's PolyPhonic ringers for Palm-OS alarms! This is the Beta Release, Please provide feedback at PDA Phone Home SPH-i500 Forum

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