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Stage 3: Almost done

The project is functional, and the software works! I now have bluetooth on my i500. Here's a shot of my slick LED mounting. The melted CD case worked perfectly to create the clear window. Thank goodness for FIRE! (okay, not all the time, the battery is still fresh in my mind).

What's left-- well, I didn't have a surface mount, or even good PCB mount DPDT switch, so I headed to my local radio shack and got the smallest they had... it's huge. It's the size of 20 components inside the phone, it's something like bigfoot or the godzilla... but hey, it will do until my digikey order arrives.

This has to come back off, so I just stuck it in place temporarily with some hot-melt glue. I do have to use my phone for the next few days while my parts are shipped.

The BIG ugly radio shack switch. Not what this switch was designed for... but it's a temporary hack.

Next will be to install the switch to change modes, speaker for the speakerphone and finally install the battery latches to hold the sled in place. Overall the project is coming along nicely-- albeit one standard battery more expensive than planned for!